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Things to do in Toronto

If you plan on visiting Toronto over the summer months this year and have never been to the capital city of Ontario before then this small guide on the best things to do in the area should help you out tremendously. Having a solid plan when you go on vacation is always a vital aspect of making sure you don't miss anything you want to see while in the area, and you should always have a written itinerary that you use when on your trip. You don't need to follow the itinerary like a book, but you should make sure that you have a list of everything you wanted to do so that you don't miss any of the marvellous attractions available to you in Toronto.

  • Rogers Center / Air Canada Center 

    The two sport venues in the downtown core of the city and usually an attraction you don't want to miss. During the summer months you can watch the MLB Toronto Blue Jays play home games in the Rogers Center and you can find circuses and other events in the Air Canada Center. Throughout the winter you'll find automobile events and such in the Rogers Center and in the Air Canada Center you can watch the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs play. Both teams have high priced tickets due to the region there in and if you're coming from the United States then you'll notice an increase in the ticket prices you're use too paying. 

  • CN Tower 

    The CN Tower was once the largest free standing building in the world until it was passed only a few years ago. The tower is still one of the largest attractions in Toronto and apart from the sporting events it's the most widely visited attraction in the city. It's located in the downtown core as well and you can see both the sporting arenas from the CN Tower very easily. The CN Tower can also been seen from the Roger Center when the roof is open and not closed. 

  • Harbourfront Center

    Harbourfront offers an amazing mix of buildings and nature which shouldn't be missed on your visit to Toronto. You can walk down the calming and relaxing boardwalks and you can also find lots of ethnic shops to do your shopping in. The culture diversity is simple amazing in this area and you can't miss it. If you manage to do one thing while in Toronto I would suggest it is visiting this area. 

  • Wonderland

    Canada Travel Guide

    Canada's Paramount Wonderland is the biggest theme park in the region and is home to many big roller coasters that are sure to keep you entertained. The theme park is always packed in the summer months and you should make sure you have the whole day when going to the park to spend time. The line-ups can get quite busy, but like all theme parks this is somewhat expected. Tourists visit this park everyday in the summer and there are many residents of Toronto who also visit the park daily so it makes it super busy. The water park is the most relaxing place in the entire park and although busy you can find areas to rest. There are many chairs available in front of a wave pool that you can relax and tan out which aren't that busy. Parents tend to sit in this area while their children enjoy the collage of water slides available to them in the water park. 

Canada Travel Guide
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