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Canada Travel Guide Popular Tourist Destinations

Canada is a beautiful country with so many important places to visit. If you do not have exact knowledge of such destinations it is not possible for you to visit them. You must even known the exact things, which as tourist you should not miss. It is not possible to discuss about all the important places for a tourist. But some of the important places and their introduction here is given foe your understanding.  Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler to mention a few , which as a tourist you should not miss.

Calgary is the largest city of Rocky region. The population of this city is about one million. Here you can find lovely parks with driving facilities. You can experience lovely shopping   here. All the modern western brands of different products you can buy from here. Other attraction of this place are Calgary stampede, an annul event, Heritage park and Glenbow Museum. The next important city, which you should not miss, is Edmonton. It is one of the largest cities of Canada. This city is very vibrant. The economy of this city is really booming. You can enjoy here driving the best. Te important sites you must see here are Edmonton mall, University of Alberta, Edmonton Park and Alberta museum.  Montreal is the next city you should visit. It is a city of cultural diversity.  You can enjoy the historical features of this city. Taking sips of cappuccino in a bar of Montreal, gambling in the casino can be a nice experience for you in Montreal. During the frigid cold this city gives you enough protection. Ottawa is another nice city of Canada. It is the capital city of it. From every point of view it is standard modern city. It is clean and compact. This city is known for its planned nature. In nutshell Ottawa is the heart of Canadian art, culture and politics. If you visit Canada never miss this city. Visiting this city in the week end can be an exhilarating experience for you. You can see here Canada’s National Gallery, National Museum; fine buildings like Parliament Hill. You will enjoy a lot in this city. Also, for casino lovers, there are lots of Gambling and Casino Hotels in Canada.

Canada Travel Guide

Quebec is another important city one should not miss. This city is situated in the river bank of St. Lawrence. This city is about 400 hundred years old. For your information, Quebec is the only fortified city of this part of Canada. You can enjoy every bit of this city. Shopping in the local shops of different city streets can be a nice experience for you. You can visit Citadelle to see the Canadian troops. You ca not help praising gables and turrets found with Chateau Frontenac. You also will enjoy your vacation in Toronto. It is almost equal with USA’s most developed cities like New York City, Chicago. You can experience all the urban cultures here. If you be here then never miss to see CN Tower, the tallest structure of the city sky line. Vancouver is another nice city to visit. It is a city of contrast with cohesion. Never miss here Stanley Park and Capilano Bridge. You can visit Victoria. It is a beautiful city. Here you must see Olympic Mountain; if you like you can enjoy boating, watching whale.

Canada Travel Guide
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