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Things to do in Canada

  • CN Tower: Visiting CN Tower in Canada is the tallest thing to do there because this is officially the world’s tallest building. This 553.3 metres tall building was inaugurated in 1976 and since then it has been attending to approximately two million visitors each year. The glass floored observation deck located at 342 metres above the ground gives an amazing view of the external world. And if you still want a better view go up to the Space Deck at 447 metres. This Space deck is also the world’s tallest observation deck which gives a view of 160 kilometers. To garnish your day at the CN Tower, sit for a meal at the revolving 360 Degrees Restaurant and Horizons Bar inside the tower. This thing to do in Canada is enjoyed by both young and old alike.

  • Stanley Park: A lovely thing to do in Canada is visiting the Stanley Park. This massive downtown park has abundant things to do and attract huge number of tourists to this spot. Stanley Park is an absolute rainforest within a metropolis. For kids it is a complete amusement park, for children there is Children's Farmyard, Miniature Railway, tennis courts, beaches, children's water park, heated ocean side swimming pool, the Theatre Under the Stars, the Vancouver Aquarium and the 10.5-km perimeter Seawall, which is packed with joggers, walkers and rollerbladers. Previously a military reserve now this park is one of the city’s prime tourist attractions.

  • Old Montreal: It is worth spending a day at the city center as it is rich in museums, shops, restaurants and grey stone buildings that give way to the narrow cobblestone streets. It is also a place that is home to Vieux Port attractions and lively public place like Place Jacques-Cartier. Exploring Old Montreal is equivalent to reading the heart of one of the best cities in North America. This place is like a bridge where the past and the present come together in exciting and unexpected ways. Once you are in Old Montreal must see the City Hall (275 Notre-Dame St E), and the Old Customs House (400 Place d'Youville, featured in the film The Score).

  • Basilica Notre-Dame de Montreal (La): The Old Montreal has been famous for the Basilica Notre-Dame's twin towers that were built in 1829. Till date they continue to be the focal point for tourists to spew from the buses and calèche drivers’ waiting for the passengers. The inner glows with gilded statuary and gold-leafed Fleurs de Lys. It is home to one of the largest pipe organs in the world, The Montreal Symphony Orchestra, which performs here of the Christmas production.

  • Jericho Beach: The next thing to do in Canada is planning a picnic at the Jericho Beach. The most beautiful beach in the city with: long sandy stretch and fantastic views of mountain and downtown. Carry along an extra pair of clothes to completely enjoy your beach visit. Play with waves and water splashes all day long and you can also relish a barbeque picnic there on the beach. When we say a beach the thick population there obstructs our vision of a beautiful sandy beach. But, don’t worry this beach is not too crowded. It’s the best spot for sailing, windsurfing and sea kayaking, it offers plenty things to do. The annual Vancouver Folk Festival is held here and if you are lucky you may get to see it as well.

  • Screamers Haunted House: If you are bored of art museums and galleries and looking for some really adventurous thing to do in Canada, then Screamers Haunted House is the best option. AS the name suggests it is a haunted journey in the dark that you have to cover on foot while the scary monsters pop out from everywhere and anywhere. Yes, that the crux of the haunted house, where you never know which ghost will pounce at you and send you screaming towards the exit. But before you get a heart attack, yell out “screamers” and the nightmare gets over and you find yourself in the chicken list where thousands of others have already entered their names. Its amazingly nice experience you have at this tourist spot.

  • Banff Sulphur Mountain Gondola: For the ones who always wished to ride a gondola but restrained themselves from the fear of safety, this Gondola ride is absolutely safe. The glass-enclosed gondola system takes you for a wonderful ride up the Sulphur Mountain for viewing incomparable beauty of Banff and the Rocky Mountains. The gondola journey is an eight minute journey that gives the riders an experience of heaven. The best thing about this Gondola ride is that it is an all year thing to do in Canada, may be that’s also the secret of its popularity among the tourists. The photography you can do at the mountain top is precious and priceless.

  • Granville Island: It is the most favorite spot of people for shopping and entertainment. Located at a five minute distance from downtown this place also includes Public Market, Emily Carr College of Art, shops, restaurants, theatres, galleries, sculpture, performance art, history and the Kids' Market. Not just that, it also has a water park and sea kayak rental, canoes and other water sports. You can sip the excellent microbrews from the Granville Island Brewery. If you are interested in spending a few days at the Granville Island, you are most welcome at the island’s large hotel the Granville Island Hotel.

Canada Travel Guide
  • Casa Loma: The former home of Sir Henry Pellatt, the great Casa Loma is a brilliant tourist place in Canada. As you enter the castle you feel like you have entered the Edwardian era. Inside the palace you get to see the rich decoration of 98 rooms, secret passages, towers and a huge 800 feet tunnel connecting the castle to its stables. On the exterior periphery of the castle there is a 5 acre estate which has gardens, sculptures and water fountains. If you like this tourist attraction and would like to take home some gifts for your friend and family as a memory of this place you can buy pretty gifts from the gift shop in the periphery of the castle. And if you are in mood of sitting alone in company of a nice book you can find a place fro yourself at the café there.
Canada Travel Guide
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