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Canada Travel Guide Where to Stay

As a visitor of Canada you must have accurate knowledge of accommodation in Canada. It is not very difficult to find a place for your stay in Canada in a normal time. But during the peak of tourist season it is not quite easy. It is because tourist from all over the world flooded in Canada. It does not men that there are any dearth of hotels and motels. So to avoid troubles and unnecessary hassles you can book your hotel well in advance. There are many luxurious hotels in Canada. You can find the name and address of such hotels from the local tourist office. There are also some low budget hotels. If you want to find other types of accommodation, you cam even find it.

The various types of accommodation available in Canada include hotels, motels, guest houses and tourist homes, farm house and camps. You can choose any of one suitable to you requirement and financial position. Hotels are the best option in Canada. In Canada you will find two types of hotel; one is expensive luxurious hotel the other one is economy or cheap hotels. Luxurious hotel can be found in almost all cities in Canada. But some good quality of cheap hotels re also found. But make sure about the quality of their service and space available before booking. In many occasion you will find hotels are very noisy even during the week days. The price of any hotel is fixed on room basis for two persons only. Some time you may have to share bathroom. The expected rate is about 50 to 90 Dollars. During the busy season price may be little high. Guest house and tourist homes are other types of accommodation, which is available for the tourists in Canada. You have to pay here according to your requirements and needs.  Expensive guest houses have nice and well furnishing bathrooms and TV sets.

Canada Travel Guide

Before booking such places you must negotiate with them and ask them if they are charging tax from you. You can even find some places without taxes. Te price range of such tourist homes and guest house varies between 20 to 100 Dollars. You can arrange your stay in campgrounds, which are found all over Canada. Such camp grounds are managed by federal Govt. or provincial Govt. There are also some privately run camp house. The government camp houses are cheap and therefore not easy to find at the time of your need. Such camps-houses are not always remaining open; therefore know the exact date of opening and closing of such camps. The price of such camps varies between 5 to 30 Dollars. Staying accommodation also provided by farms and ranches throughout Canada. You can stay here. But to stay here you have to work in the farm. Here meals are given with accommodation, but the quality of accommodation varies. You may stay in hostels for which you have to pay any thing between 12 to 35 dollars. Accommodation in Hotels can be a nice experience for you. You can even think about it.

Canada Travel Guide
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