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Attractions in Montreal

  • The Montreal
    Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. Its actual name was Ville-Marie and many people think that, the present name for this city may be due to the Mont Real, a three headed hill located at the heart of the city.
    The official language of Montreal is French and is one among the largest French speaking cities in the world. The city of Montreal has a population of 1,620,874 as of the 2006 population survey. It is ranked as the 10th cleanest city and the 16th livable city in the world.
  • Popular Tourist Places in Montreal
    Montreal has some of world class museums, historic landmarks and many tourist attractions. Some of the places in Montreal, that you can spend your vacation are Old Montreal and Old Port, Mont Royal, Biosphere, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, Point-a-Calliere Museum, Montreal Holocaust Museum and Botanical Garden.
  • Old Montreal
    The Old Montreal, which lies along the River St. Lawrence, was once a fortified city. This old town had its culture very close to that of the European culture. This city still has some of the architecture of the 17th and 18th century. It also has many museums, restaurants and shops. The Montreal’s old port has now become a spectacular playground from an eyesore. Many activities like skating takes place in the winter seasons and other activities all around the year.
  • Mont Royal
    The Mont Royal in Montreal offers you some of the spectacular views of the city. It is like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building the New York City. It is located in the Royal Park and the lookout is also a part of the Park.
  • Biosphere
    The Biosphere is a museum and an exhibition which is designed to create the environmental and ecological awareness among people. It has four levels, which is housed inside the world’s largest geodesic dome. Each of the level are dedicated to bring awareness among the people. They also have multimedia presentation about how to preserve the environment and other things. This is a must-see place in Montreal.
  • Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art
    The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art has a spectacular collection of more than 7000 works from over 1500 artists worldwide. There are also guided tours arranged on Wednesday evenings.
  • Point-a-Calliere Museum
    Point-a-Calliere Museum in Montreal is an amazing Museum which explores the complete history of Montreal with the help of artefacts and archaeological studies. It also offers a guided tour where you will be actually taken to an archaeological dig inside the building.
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  • Botanical Garden
    The Botanical Garden in Montreal, which is spread across an area of 181 acres, is the second largest Botanical garden in the world. The garden has 10 large glass houses in which the exotic species of plants are displayed. There is also a poisonous plant garden, which is slightly different from the other botanical gardens.
Canada Travel Guide
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