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Things to do in Montreal

Montreal like Toronto is located in Ontario and although not nearly the size of Toronto, Montreal still boasts a big tourism industry. There are not as many amazing attractions in Montreal as you see in Toronto, but you'll still find your fair mixture of things to do. Montreal is most famously known as a party central region and many young people travel to the area to experience the excitement. There are a couple streets in Montreal that are lined with bars, clubs and after hour establishments that you can find easily. There is some danger in this area, but if you stick with a group of people and mind your own business then you have absolutely nothing to worry about when visiting the clubs at night. Most of the clubs in the area operate on a 24/7 basis which means the city never sleeps and its Canada's little Manhattan if you put it into perspective. Apart from the clubs there is still quite a bit of other excitement that you can partake in, in Montreal and we'll look at some of your options now. 

  • The Forum 

    The Forum is Montreal's hockey arena which is where the NHL Montreal Canadiens play there home games. The team has a lot better priced tickets then Toronto does and you can watch a game for cheaper here. The team is also doing much better the past few years which is why the popularity of this team is rising. Instead of spending the big bucks for Leaf tickets people are now traveling to Montreal to watch the better Canadian team for lower costs. 

  • Botanical Garden

    Montreal boasts an expansive botanical garden that features a whole ton of different plants, including 20,000 different species in 31 specialized gardens. The area has the largest Chinese garden in the world apart from Asia which is quite an accomplishment if you consider the size of this city. In Montreal they really know how to do things big and the botanical garden is probably the most visited attraction in the entire city.

  • Notre-Dame Basilica

    The Notre-Dame Basilica is a catholic church which was built in 1656 and is the oldest Catholic Church in Montreal. It's very shocking how the church has been able to last so many years but the architecture is still intact and millions visit the church each and every year. There is a stain glass collage inside the church that draws out the history of Montreal for you and the interior design is amazing.

    If you love museums then there is a lot to do in Montreal as well as they boast some of the best museums in the country. You can find the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Archaeology and History and also some smaller museums in the area. Usually in most cities you're lucky to have one museum worth visiting, but in Montreal the list is a lot longer and you must not miss visiting the museums if you enjoy that type of thing.

    Canada Travel Guide

    There is a ton of stuff you can do in Montreal and the possibilities are endless, most tourists find that one visit here isn't enough and that they need to come back. This is exactly what a city that prides itself on it's tourism likes to hear and hopefully Montreal continues offering great attractions and amenities to all it's tourists for years to come

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