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Canada Travel Guide Etiquettes in Canada

As visitor of Canada you must learn will the manners and etiquettes of Canada. If not you will find yourself in many occasion in an embarrassing situation. What will you do in the Canadian restaurants if you take you lunch and dinner? Will you give tips? In Canadian restaurants gratuities are not included, but tips are taken. In many occasion it is 15 percents before addition of taxes. But it varies from place to place. The tips custom not only prevails in restaurants, you have to pay tips to barbers, taxi drivers and manicurists, where customary tip is abut 10 percent. You may find tip jars in some places; you need not give tip everywhere. Actually the tip system is meant for the service providers. The naked truth is that waiters and boys of restaurant are not well paid; they depend upon the tips of the tourists. If you find the service is slow then brought to the notice of the server.  Similarly draw the attention of the servers about the bad taste of the food. If you are tourist in Canada, common courtesy is expected from you. Always request the service boy with politeness. If your approach is polite, you will be attended promptly. Your attitude wiil be passport to get prompt service. Have smile on your face and deal with other people in a friendly manner, and then your things will be done easily.

 Many often currencies and coins create confusion. The general coins are in circulation are loonies (1 dollar), toonies (2 dollars). Other coins quit wide in circulation are quarters and dimes. Pennies are also wide in circulation. Al the coins of Canada are magnetic. Therefore coins of USA will not work in the machines of Canada; take kind note of it. If you find problem any where the official clerks will extend their helping hands. The bill, which you will find have multi colors.

As a tourist, you must thinking about the languages that are in use. Mind it Canada is a multi cultural country, where different languages are accepted. But Canadians use English the most. The tourists, who are acquainted with English, will not face any problem. Still for your kind information, it may be mentioned that usage of this language varies from province to province. There are some French speaking people in Canada.

Canada Travel Guide

Canadians are known for their politeness. They are quit different from the residents of USA. They are little reserved and do not like chaos. They are very warm and readily extend their helping hands. If at any point finds problem in locating place or finding ways, they will help you instantly. Therefore do not hesitate to ask if you find problems. In case you meet a person on business shake your hands; you must be open and cordial. You should wait for a woman to offer her hand for shaking. You can converse directly, but frequent eye-contact is not encouraged. There must be minimum two feet distance between two people. You must check you emotions in public. There are many other etiquettes that a tourist you must follow.

Canada Travel Guide
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