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Canada Travel Guide Nature's Call

Canada is best known for its natural beauty. Mountains, rivers and lakes call the visitors. If you reach in Canada you will feel the wander thirst, where the moon and stars will guide you. The prairie province lies in the mainland which separates Ontario from Alberta. The Rockies also separated from other part of Canada by this Prairie. Traditionally this area is regarded as dull, but it is not true. If you move to north, you will find various lakes and forests. Such footrests are best place for canoeing and hiking. You can not forget the attraction of Albert National Park. If you dare to explore further north you can go to Churchill, a remote settlement. Here you will see the world famous polar bear. But for this you have to visit this place in the end of June, when the polar bears come out. Here, another place of attraction is the Hudson Bay.

The natural beauty of Canada does not end here. If you want to see the whole Canada, you cannot leave the western part of it. The Wheatfield in Alberta is another attraction for the tourists. Next to it stands the majestic Rockies, the major player of climatic drama of Canada. In this region you can visit Edmonton, the provincial capital. But never miss the opportunity to see Calgary, a famous city in this region known for its oil and gas production. If your venture continues, then never forget to visit British Columbia, further in the west. Here you will see the real picture of Canada. The snow clad mountain peak, forests and rivers are the main attraction of this place. If you are adventure sport lover you can enjoy over here with skiing, fishing and hiking. In this region lies the third largest city of Canada, Vancouver. This city is known foe its natural setting. The spectacular scenic beauty and coastal atmosphere of this place will give you extra pleasure.

Canada Travel Guide

As a visitor of Canada you will never lose you interest watching the natural beauty of it. After visiting British Columbia, if you move further north you will find Yukon Territory. Here you will find sub-artic tundra. Whitehorse and Dawson city are two important places in this region. Next to it lies Northwestern Territory and Nunavut. The entire area comes under Canadian Artic region. The most common features of this region are stunted trees, tundra and lakes. Here you will find plenty of ice and touch of aboriginal culture. This area is not easily accessible by road. In the deep of north you will find Yellowknife, the lonely city in this border region.

Canada Travel Guide
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