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Canada Travel Guide Canada Rockies

For a visitor there are a lot of attractions in Canada. There are different sights, which will call your traveling spirit. The majestic Canadian Rockies opens a vast landscape for the visitors. There you will find scores of natural attraction. The most loving activities of this region are hiking and scrambling, which draw lot of tourists. Mountains like Evan Thomas, Mount Allan and Mount Howard are the special attraction for the visitors. Rivers of Canada are not less attractive. Kananaskis River and Bow River are special for canoe and kayak lovers. The cascading water of Elbow fall makes the tourists spellbound. In this region Lake Barrier is very famous. It is a man made lake, which supply hydro electricity to the local people. If you are a lover of water ski you can enjoy the place.

The activities you will love most in Canada depend upon the season in which you visit it. According to the season the activities varies. If it is summer you will enjoy certain place which you are not advised to see in winter. Similarly, there are certain places which you are recommended to visit in the winter months. During the summer months Kananaskis region is well-known for its golf courses. If you are a golf lover, you can enjoy this place in summer months. This place is also known for its navigation. This area has many parks. The famous parks situated in this region are the Peter Lougheed Park, the Sheep River Provincial Park and the Spray valley Provincial Park. These parks have enough attraction for the tourists. Wonderful animals like elk, moose and cougars can be seen here. The activities of summer in this region attract many visitors. You can enjoy here fishing, golfing, mountaineering and canoeing and many other adventurous activities. If you are motor sport lover you also can enjoy the area. There are network of many complex paths with many trails and cutaways. You can get all the facilities of trikes and dirt bikes.

Canada Travel Guide

Winter months in Canada has special attraction for the tourist. Nakiska is a beautiful place, which is famous for its skiing. Its proximity to Calgary has facilitated the development of ski here. Here both expert and novice can take part. Those who want to ski in the flat land, they can enjoy this place. Winter is very nice here. Many visitors come to this place during the winter to enjoy the air that blow across the alpine forests. Dog sledding is another attraction for the tourists. Some time long trips and overnight trips entice the tourists to visit this part of Canada. If you have special love for snow you can enjoy snowmobiling. In the basement of Rockies snowmobiling is a popular task of tourist during the winter.

Canada Travel Guide
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