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Canada Travel Guide Where To Go

Canada is a vast land with different geographic features and climate. There are beautiful lakes, mountains and rivers. There are also modern cities and commercial centres. The combination of nature and illustrative cities has made Canada very attractive for the tourists. As a visitor you must know before hand, what to visit in Canada. If you do no gather all important information about the impotent places of the country, you will not make a justice to your travel loving mind. As a visitor, definitely you will not have plenty of time to visit such a vast country. There ore, the visitors must be selective and in a particular trip must cover all those selected places.

To start with the cities, one must visit main cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. These cities has easy air connection and you will also find number of attractive things in and around of these cities. The cities of southern Canada are centers of manufacturing. Ontario is one of such city. The hot spot of tourist attraction is Toronto. This city is situated near Niagara water fall. Further of north, there lies seductive natural attraction of Georgian Bay. The blue water, pine-covered isles always attracts the visitors. Why you will miss it? You can visit the city of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is known for its museum and gallery. As a visitor you must enjoy this city.

The province of Quebec is another place of attraction it is known for its French connection. Montreal is one of the largest cities of Canada. It is the commercial capital of Canada, where one can find mixture of both old and modern life style. The capital city of Quebec province, Quebec City is another point of attraction for the visitors. This city situated on the river bank of St. Lawrence, where heavy concentration of Catholic culture is found. If you want to move further north, you will get the opportunity to see whales. In Tadoussac, whales are seen in the Saguenay fjord.

Canada Travel Guide

To quench the thirst of your travel you can visit Gaspe Peninsula. This pastoral peninsula is the easternmost area of the Quebec province. Here you will experience maritime climate. People here heavily depend on timber of forest and fish of sea for their livelihood. Here you also find the most beautiful bay of Canada. The Bay of Fundy is known for its high tide. You will definitely enjoy you presence in Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia. If you have love for folk culture and song you must visit the island of Newfoundland. The geographic features are very pretty. If you are a serious visitor, the list of places in Canada is endless. If you visit this vast country, you will enjoy every bit of it. The scenic beauty, cultural variation and modern facilities will give you cent percent satisfaction.

Canada Travel Guide
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