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The call of Canada is really wild. One can hardly ignore the call of it. If you are a true nature lover, you must visit Canada. The most obstructing factor for a tourist of Canada is its climate. As we know Canada is a vast country and hence it is natural that its climate varies widely in different part of it. But pot of this great variation a general conclusion can be drawn. The climate of coastal region and the region of Great Lakes is mild in winter and cooler in summer. But the condition of interior is little different. It is because, the influence of water bodies do not reach in the interior region of Canada. The most suitable time to visit Canada is July and August. During this months climate remains warm throughout Canada. You can visit the remote north of Canada during these months. But the climate turns upside down in the months of November to March. Temperature goes around zero throughout Canada except the costal region of west. Winter months are really challenging in Canada. All the Canadian cities try to give protection to their residents. To give protection against extreme cold they cover indoor malls; even walk ways are covered.

The situation is different in coastal provinces. All the maritime regions and Eastern part of Canada experience four seasons. Te main seasons of this region are chill cold season, mild spring, warm summer and autumn. Te clod season has sends spine chilling cold. Te summer is warm, but it is very short. Therefore summer is the most important time to visit this part of Canada. You can visit some part of Canada in the months of September and October, especially New Brunswick.

If you want to visit Ontario and Quebec, keep the climate in your mind. The seasons are intense here. The winter is very cold and summer is humid. During the summer climate is uncomfortable, still you can visit these place. The ideal time to visit Quebec and Ontario is autumn.

Canada Travel Guide

Provinces like Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Albata experience extreme climate. These provinces are located in the centre of Canada. The influence of water bodies hardly reaches here. Therefore, winter is severing here and lasts for many months, but for a very short period comes the summer. During the winter you can visit Rockies to enjoy skiing. But summer is the busiest season for the tourists. During July and August weather condition is not best as the region experience heavy down pour of rain. British Columbia has the ideal climate for the tourists. The temperature remains milder throughout the year. But the main climatic hurdle of this region is depression which is created due to influence of Pacific ocean. Therefore the ideal time to visit this part of Canada is either late spring or early winter. To visit Yukon and Nunavut summer is the best. During winter temperature never goes beyond zero

Canada Travel Guide
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