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Attractions in Toronto

The Toronto
Toronto is the largest city in Canada, which is located in the north western shore of the Lake Ontario. It is the fifth populous city in North America with a population of over 2.5 million people. It is also the Canada’s economic capital, which is ranked as a global city.

The Toronto’s economy drivers are finance, aerospace, arts, media, medical research, telecommunications, education and tourism. The city has very low crime rates with clean environment and has a high standard of living.

  • Tourist Spots in Toronto
    Toronto is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world and is ranked the 14th favourite place for tourism. It has over 4 million tourist visitors each year. Famous places in Toronto may include the CN tower, Casa Loma, Rogers Centre, Royal Ontario Museum, The Toronto Zoo, Toronto Islands and Paramount Canada’s Wonderland.
  • CN Tower
    The CN Tower in Toronto was the tallest free hanging building for 30 years. It was opened in 1976 which was 553 metres high. It has the world’s tallest observatory deck with a revolving restaurant at the top. It was recently nominated for the modern wonders of the world. It attracts more than 2 million people each year.
  • Casa Loma
    Casa Loma is a grand Castle in Toronto. You can explore the 98 rooms in this castle which are beautifully decorated and the secret passage ways, towers and an 800 feet tunnel. In the outside, you will also find an estate which spans for five acres with beautiful gardens, water fountains and sculptures. There are shops and restaurants around the place that offer delightful foods.
  • Rogers Centre
    The Rogers Centre in Toronto is home to the Blue Jays from the year 1989. It is also the home for Toronto’s football team. The Rogers Centre has the facility to accommodate a variety of events and can accommodate up to 50000 people. It also has a 364 room hotel with cafe and observatory deck. This is also a good place to spend some time with.
  • Royal Ontario Museum
    The Royal Ontario Museum has unique galleries to display its art and the archaeological objects. This museum also houses some of the best collections of scientific specimens and houses over 6 million objects in its three floor building. It has over a million visitors each year.
  • Toronto Zoo
    The Toronto Zoo spans for 710 acres, featuring more than 5000 animals. They are preserved in their natural environments. The Zoo has brought something new called the Africa Savannah, which takes you to a 32 acre walk through the African forests.
Canada Travel Guide
  • Paramount Canada’s Wonderland
    The Paramount Canada’s Wonderland is the Canada’s largest theme park. It was built in 1980 in an area of 300 acres. It has 50 thrilling water rides and 180 other attractions. It also has the Canada’s only suspended roller coaster. This Park is a real treat for those who like thrilling adventures
Canada Travel Guide
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