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Canada Travel Guide Canadian Visitors Visa Process

Canada is the storehouse of nature’s beauty. If you want to enjoy them, you must visit Canada, but how? To visit Canada you need visitor visa, without which you ca not visits the country. For this you must submit an application. You can submit the visitor visa application at any Canadian embassy. If it is not possible, you can submit it to the office of Canadian consulate or high Commission. The necessary thing you need to submit with the application are two passport size photograph, proof fund available for your tour and a processing fee, which is non refundable.

While applying for tourist visa, it is important for you to know some important Immigration Act. Section 8 of the Act says that the person intended to come Canada must prove that he or she has the right to come Canada. Section 9 of same Act also provides that the applicant for visa is supposed to be an immigrant. Therefore, if the visa issuing authority is not satisfied that your visit is temporary to Canada your application may be rejected.

As a visitor visa applicant you must know, what are the essential documents that are to be submitted to the visa issuing authority? You must provide documentary proof to satisfy the officials that you have sufficient fund to afford your visit. If you are visiting you relatives in Canada and they are willing to bear all your expenses you must provide documents in its support. For this you have to provide letter or any statutory declaration to this effect. Mere letter or statutory declaration is not enough, your relatives must indicate from where he or she gets the required resource. For this, your relative must produce their job letter and statement of his bank account. Apart this, the visitor and any of his dependants should have valid passport and other required travel document. The valid visa is the most important aspect of your Canadian tour. You will not be allowed to stay in Canada beyond the valid period. Any person will not be given entry to Canada if the date set in his passport has expired.

Canada Travel Guide

Another thing about your visa applicant must know that if you are not a resident of North American you need to provide the proof of your traveling fund and you must produce air tickets to the via officials. The prime rule of the visa issuing authority is to judge the ability of the visitors to maintain his traveling expenses. It is their duty to see if the concerned person will be able to leave Canada within the stipulated period. The prime concern of the visa office is to ensure the visitors return to his home country without any difficulty. To ensure safe homecoming they understand the financial stability of the person. They may want to see the nature of employment of the person, his asset including immovable properties like house and his bank statement. The visa official may require the letter of good conduct of the person concerned from the local police.

Canada Travel Guide
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