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Canada is beautiful country situated in the continent of North America. It came into existence on 1st July 1867. The name Canada was derived from the word “knata” means a village. The entire land mass north of the river St. Lawrence comes under this country. The administration of Canada still goes on in the name of British queen. It is the second largest country having about ten million square km area. The total population of Canada is about 30 million. The geographic situation of Canada is very much important. It is surrounded by three oceans. The artic ocean is situated in the north and the pacific and the Atlantic lies in its east and south border. Due to vast geographic area Canada is divided in to various regions. Region wise, Canada is divided into five regions namely the Atlantic region, the central Canada, the Provinces of Parries, the North Canada and the West Coast. For administration, the entire Canada is dived in to ten provinces and three territories.

Variety is the landmark of Canadian society. It is home of variety of people. People of different countries have come to live here. Therefore, it is a meeting ground of different culture. However the original inhabitants of Canada are aboriginals. This cultural verity is the main attraction for many. Here British and French are two main community’, but one can also find people of other communities like Dutch, Polish and Spanish. The major Asian communities found in Canada are Indian, Chinese and Ukrainians. Perhaps such a variety of language, culture and habit is not found in any other part of world. Visiting Canada will be a new experiences for them those who are interested to know other cultures and people. Visitors will find themselves in a complete new surrounding. Here you will experience a complete environment of tolerance. People here respect the language and culture of other community. The vastness of the country is an added advantage. In a particular region you will find dominance of a particular culture.

Canada Travel Guide

The geographic vastness and variety of feature are source of attraction for people of other countries. The main land of Canada stretches from the Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean. The landscape of Canada is very attractive. The mountains, lakes, rivers, peaks, forests have endless attraction. The gigantic Rockies in one side and in the other lies beautiful five lakes. The wheat filed of Prairies and snow-clad rivers has power of seduction for the visitors. Apart from the natural beauty, Canada is also known for its ultra modern life style. The majority of people live within the periphery of 160 km from the border of U SA. There are many cities and towns, which attracts the tourists. Therefore, we can assure you a good chance of enjoyment and satisfaction from the visit of Canada.

Canada Travel Guide
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