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Canada is beautiful country situated in the continent of North America. It came into existence on 1st July 1867. The name Canada was derived from the word “knata” means a village. The entire land mass north of the river St. Lawrence comes under this country. The administration of Canada still goes on in the name of British queen. It is the second largest country having about ten million square km area. The total population of Canada is about 30 million. The geographic situation of Canada is very much important. It is surrounded by three oceans. The artic ocean is situated in the north and the pacific and the Atlantic lies in its east and south border. Due to vast geographic area Canada (CAA Travel) is divided in to various regions. Region wise, Canada is divided into five regions namely the Atlantic region, the central Canada, the Provinces of Parries, the North Canada and the West Coast. For administration, the entire Canada is dived in to ten provinces and three territories. Checkout Toronto Computer Consultant, Ontario Web Designer.

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Visitors Visa

Canada is the storehouse of nature’s beauty. If you want to enjoy them, you must visit Canada, but how? To visit Canada you need visitor visa, without which you ca not visits the country. For this you must submit an application.

Canada Rockies
For a visitor there are a lot of attractions in Canada. There are different sights, which will call your traveling spirit. The majestic Canadian Rockies opens a vast landscape for the visitors. There you will find scores of natural attraction.Find the latest Bellagio Offer Codes at Las Vegas Hotel Discounts.
Tourist Destinations
Canada is a beautiful country with so many important places to visit. If you do not have exact knowledge of such destinations it is not possible for you to visit them. You must even known the exact things, which as tourist you should not miss.
Nature’s Call
Canada is best known for its natural beauty. Mountains, rivers and lakes call the visitors. If you reach in Canada you will feel the wander thirst, where the moon and stars will guide you. The prairie province lies in the mainland which separates Ontario from Alberta.
Where to Go

Canada is a vast land with different geographic features and climate. There are beautiful lakes, mountains and rivers. There are also modern cities and commercial centres. The combination of nature and illustrative cities has made Canada very attractive for the tourists.

Canada Hotels
Planning a trip to Canada, stay at a hotel Toronto
Canada Travel Guide
Canada Travel Guide
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